Best Way To Get Pregnant

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Best Ways To Get Pregnant

Best Way To Get Pregnant
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Best Position To Get Pregnant

The Best Position To Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant the natural way can be a problem if  the male partner has a low sperm count or if the women has fertility issues. These conditions can be resolved by proper positioning during conception. Many researchers claim that the traditional missionary position is still the best position to get pregnant. If you don’t know what this is, the position calls for you to lie on your back, legs wide, knees bent and feet planted firmly on the bed and the man positions over you. You can adopt variations like placing your knees on your partner's shoulders or extending one or both legs. Doctors recommend the missionary position as the best way to get pregnant because it allows deep penetration and as you are lying on your back your cervix is tilted downwards making it easier for the sperm to get into the cervix and uterus.

Best Position To Get Pregnant If You Have A Retroverted Uterus

Retroverted or tilted uterus is not an abnormality. It is just a physiological variation, very much like having black instead of blonde hair, or brown instead of blue eyes. Most women have an anteverted or forward tilted uterus, where their uterus tips are pointed towards the bladder. In the case of backward tilted or retroverted uterus, the tips point towards the spine.

Fertility specialists state that the angle of the uterus is not a problem for women who are trying to get pregnant. However, a retroverted uterus can be a sign of endometriosis or inflammation of the pelvis which could affect fertility.

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Pelvic inflammatory can block the passage of the egg in the fallopian tube, making it hard to unite with the sperm. If you have retroverted uterus, consult with your doctor if there is an underlying cause. Otherwise, you're healthy and in the best position to get pregnant.

Other Good Positions To Try

There are other positions on
how to get pregnant fast. The doggy-style or the rear entry position is one of the best, if not the best position to get pregnant. With this position, the sperm is deposited nearest to the cervix, thus increasing the likelihood of conception.

Another good position is the side-by-side; sex while you're lying side by side with your partner will maximize the exposure of the cervix to the sperm. A trick to give the cervix maximum exposure is by elevating the hips. Put a pillow underneath your lower backside. This position will allow you to facilitate the sperm's fast and successful connection with the egg. Having an orgasm might also help as the uterine contractions will help the sperm move towards the fallopian tubes.

Best Position To Get Pregnant With A Boy

Experts claim that it is possible to determine the sex of your child while conceiving. If you want a son, the best position to
get pregnant with a boy is one that will allow you and your partner deep penetration.

Research proves that the Y or male sperm is stronger and swims faster that the X or female sperm. Tests also show that it is the female sperm that has higher or longer survival rate. The nearer you deposit the sperm to the egg, the higher the chances of a male sperm to fertilize it. Experts also advise that is best if you time your lovemaking 12 hours before or nearer your ovulation.

Best Position To Get Pregnant With A Girl

Couples who want a daughter can follow the Shettles method. Dr. Landrum Shettles has developed a theory that will help parents get the desired sex of their children, especially those who wants daughters.

Since X sperm live longer, conception should be just after the monthly period. The best position to get pregnant with a girl should be one that will place the sperm further from the fallopian tubes. You are also advised have ‘quickies’ and avoid having an orgasm when trying to get pregnant with a girl.

Female orgasms secrete alkaline fluid into the cervical environment that makes it unfavorable for the female sperm.