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Best Ways To Get Pregnant

Best Way To Get Pregnant
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Organic Fertility Bible Review


They turned to organic, raw foods, started exercising and restoring their mind and body to a state of balance and harmony, and in no time they found themselves pregnant. Some of the areas that Sophia includes in her program include the power of positive thinking (what Sophia calls Fertile Ideas!), how to detoxify your system and rid yourself of poisons that are affecting your fertility, information about which vitamins you should be taking and which you should stay away from, and much more. Sophia's program promises that, even if you have been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Fibroids, or any of a number of other medical problems, if you follow this program you can get pregnant within twelve to sixteen weeks.

Info For Men

Unlike most fertility programs, the Organic Fertility Bible and 12-Step Program provides valuable information for both the woman and the man who are
trying to get pregnant. This is in large part a result of the fact that when Sophia and her husband were going through their infertility treatments, the physical problems that were diagnosed were not just hers - her husband had insufficient sperm, which is the case for many couples. The organic fertility diet is beneficial for men and has been shown to increase sperm count, all of which make your chances of getting pregnant that much better.

Organic Fertility Bible PDF

One of the things that Sophia David understood very well when she was putting her fertility program together is just how desperate couples who have been diagnosed as infertile are, and how badly they want to get started on a program that will
help them to get pregnant. The 12-step program and the Organic Fertility Bible are both available for immediate download from the internet, so as soon as you pay for the program you are able to read it and start turning your fertility problems around. The program is sold for just forty seven dollars, and in addition to the book, couples who are trying to get pregnant will also receive a number of bonus ebooks, including a book of baby names, a book on how to prepare your body for pregnancy, a book on raw food, and many more. The program also comes with an eight week guarantee.

The Organic Fertility Bible is an e-book written by Sophia David, a woman who suffered from infertility. After years of living her life with her husband, she realized that she wasn't going to get pregnant without help; Sophia and her husband turned to her doctor, who prescribed Clomid, a fertility drug. After two ectopic pregnancies that needed to be terminated, the couple took out a second mortgage on their home in order to try two in vitro fertilization procedures - neither one was successful.

Frustrated, stressed and depressed, Sophia took it upon herself to heal herself from within. She created an organic diet that not only improved her fertility, but also improved her husband's sperm count. The two got pregnant with a healthy daughter, and then with a son shortly thereafter. Not content to move ahead with her happy family and keep her secret to herself, Sophia has created a twelve-step, all natural fertility program that she says has helped thousands of couples to conceive.

Organic Fertility Bible PDF

This comprehensive program is designed to increase your
chances of getting pregnant by restoring your health from the inside out. Sophia tells of how she and her husband realized how unhealthily they were eating while they were stressed and depressed about their infertility problem. Continued below....

Organic Fertility Bible Review